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GQ: Never mind the cojones

Colima, Mexico. A body is lying in the sand, an enraged bull is charging around in its death throes, and the crowd are screaming: one of Mexico’s favourite bullfighters, Uriel Moreno, “El Zapata”, is not moving. Amid the screams and gasps, I can make out the word “escroto”. It emerges that Moreno drove the sword in, throwing himself bravely over the horn, the bull raised his head and threw him into the air, badly goring him in the scrotum. He’s carried out of the ring, crimson crotched, blood pouring from his forehead, only to re-emerge jacketless, bloodied but still standing, to take his bow and receive the bull’s two ears and tail – the highest accolade a bullfighter can be awarded by the judges. READ MORE HERE