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GQ: Backstage at the Bristol Sky News Debate

Last night I had a Joan Rivers red carpet moment at the Sky Media Centre in Bristol. Everyone else was diving into the post debate spin room scrum, grabbing whichever party representatives emerged from the ashes (Theresa May, David Milliband, George Osbourne, Harriet Harman et al) and grilling them on the latest polls and their leaders’ performances. In contrast, Josh Bell (of Dawn Capital fame – my favourite venture capitalist, resplendent in Jsen Wintle’s eponymous label) and I clocked a hot man in a suit. I strode over, put on my best Joan Rivers squawk and hollered: “David, who are you wearing?” The seasoned political hacks looked baffled. Miliband and his adviser started laughing. He seemed relieved that someone was asking him a question with an easy answer and happily flashed open his suit jacket: Ozwald Boateng.

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